Ciclex staking
is a smart cryptocurrency attachment.

Money should work for you, not you for it!

Make your funds generate income, not just wait for growth.

Transfer your assets to the management of professionals.

Remove risks for yourself and get a stable and generous monthly income.

Ciclex staking
is an affordable way to make money in the crypto space.

Staking is a temporary blocking of a specific amount in a cryptocurrency on an exchange or smart contract for a particular reward. As a rule, in this case, staking is a marketing definition known as a

Staking is the process of storing digital assets in a cryptocurrency wallet to provide support for operations on the blockchain. By staking, you can receive passive income using various cryptocurrencies by investing them in a deposit on the Ciclex platform. You get a decent return on the cryptocurrency you deposited with Ciclex and sent to "Staking" every 11 days.

Staking is considered by the crypto community to be a convenient way to make money on cryptocurrencies. When you stake, a certain amount of cryptocurrency is invested to receive a return. It is blocked for an interval to extract the cryptocurrency and make a profit. This is part of the process of cryptocurrency investing. Ciclex provides its clients with favorable conditions for staking to offer them an alternative way of earning passive income using cryptocurrency.

There are two
reasons why you can trust Ciclex with
your funds:

Ciclex has a team of experienced developers, analysts, and traders with many years of experience in cryptocurrency and other financial markets.

Some of our team members have worked with Bitcoin since the early days of its existence in 2011. They know and understand how the cryptocurrency market works at a granular level, including all of its iterations.

Management of risks

We have developed trading strategies that work in any market situation.

We never risk more than 5% of the trading deposit in one transaction, so there is no possibility of clients losing a large part of the capital.

Furthermore, we always correctly place "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit," which minimizes the chances of significant losses during sharp market movements.

How to invest in
Ciclex staking


Create a Ciclex wallet

The process will take less than one minute.


Top up your wallet

Top up your balance with the equivalent of $100 in BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BNB and many other coins, available at your personal account, and invest in staking.


Earn a profit

Watch the process in your account in real-time.

Why Ciclex staking
is the best solution for you

The Ciclex platform facilitates the trade of virtual coins and offers the opportunity to turn a profit when investing in staking. Ciclex creates all the necessary conditions for Blockchain-based purchase and trade of cryptocurrencies that enable clients to profit by investing.

To start making money on staking, you need to have or create a cryptocurrency wallet on the Ciclex platform, replenish it, and invest a certain amount in staking in the selected cryptocurrency: in BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BNB and many other coins, available at your personal account.

After that, you can observe the real-time growth of your digital assets. This type of passive income is preferred by many investors because there are minimal risks of losing funds. Ciclex makes payments for staking in 11 days, providing a profitability report. Thus, the company's clients who have invested their coins in the staking pool have the opportunity to receive passive income 2-3 times a month.

A major advantage of Ciclex is that the platform is controlled by a team of competent developers, traders, and analysts who are respected professionals in their respective industries. Our team members have vast experience successfully navigating the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency trading, as well as other more traditional financial markets. Thanks to their pragmatic approach, these trading strategies are effective across all market situations. A competent approach to placing “Take Profit and Stop Loss” allows clients to minimize risks even during destabilizing times or sharp movements in the cryptocurrency market.

Sign up on the Ciclex platform, fund your cryptocurrency wallet, and make your money work for you.

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