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Personal account Ciclex

Balance Page

Profit Transfer available on (date) date changes and shows next available transfer date. The date shows next available transfer from Profit Balance to either Staked Balance or Wallet.


On the left side of the site, are available functions of your back office. Once the tab Balance is selected, you can see a list of all available cryptocurrencies on CICLEX platform. Here you can also see how many coins are available in CICLEX Wallet.

Available Balance – balance available in the wallet at this point and time

Locked Balance – how many coins either in pending purchase/sale position or being withdrawn.

Staked Balance – is designed to show profit withdrawn from Profit Balance; Receipt of bonuses from fundraising program; and transfer of funds into Staking.

BTC Value shows the cryptocurrency as its value in  Bitcoin’s current market rate

On the right Across from every currency there is a command code:

Deposit – adding currency into CICLEX Wallet

Withdrawal – withdrawal from CICLEX Wallet

Trade – opportunity to trade on CICLEX exchange with the trading pairs available on the exchange

Transfer – command to move coins between CICLEX Wallet and Staked Balance

Stake – command to transfer funds into Staking

Hide zero balances – hide zero balances in CICLEX Wallet

Hide zero stake balances – hide zero balances in Staked Balance

Estimated Value – the sum of all coins in CICLEX Wallet in Bitcoin currencies



All Staking – the sum of all funds invested plus profit reinvestment to date.

All Profit – the sum of all profit from the moment the funds were transferred into Staking

Profit Balance – profit available to transfer

Transfer – command to transfer funds from Profit Balance to Staked Balance (for immediate manual reinvestment)  or to the CICLEX wallet (either for withdrawal or an exchange into  different currencies). Transfer to CICLEX wallet will take up to 3 business days. Transfer of funds from Profit Balance is available on the 11th day. The date is shown at top of the page.

Ciclex: Personal account

Active – listing of all active staking accounts

Pending – staking accounts ready to be closed

Deduced – closed accounts

Free – promotions and bonus accounts (reinvestment has to be done manually)

Date – date the money was moved into staking

Amount – beginning balance of the staking account during present 10 days

Deposit Payment – net initial deposit (less commissions)

Investment Payment – gross initial deposit

Summary percent – combined profit percentage since initial investment

10 day profit – profit for the last 10 days

Reinvest Status – shows if auto reinvest turned on or off

V – auto reinvest is on and profit is added to the principal every 10 days

X – auto reinvest is turned OFF. Profit is added to Profit Balance and is available for transfer on the 11th day

Details – account details.

By clicking on the details, a window opens up where the date of initial deposit and the amount can be viewed.

Bellow, how many days remaining until the principal is available for withdrawal. At the withdrawal date, client gets 72 hours to withdraw the funds. In the event the funds are not withdrawn the amount will be automatically Redeposited and charged a 10% fee. This new deposit will be locked for 365 days. 

Investment details

Below, you can see daily profit amount.

Auto reinvest can be turned on and off. A choice of how much can be reinvested is available as well.

Also the duration of time remaining until funds can be withdrawn without penalties.

Command for closing the account with penalties calculated.

Associate Program

Associate Program page displays the entire information about you team.

On top right hand side of the page there is a referral link that you can share and invite people to join.

This link can be shared with people you know or through social media site.

Lower on  the page you can see most recently registered members in your entire organization.

On the right you can see the sum of all funds raised in each respective currency.

Associate Program

Below, you can see your personal rank. As well as, your personal percentage referral bonus based on your partners investment. The amount of funds applied to your organizational level, and how much funds still needed to raise in order to reach the next level. You can also see the % of your future referral bonus, and the award bonus for reaching a new level.

Below, you can see a detailed information about your team. USERS tab displays  a total number of all partners, amount of individual deposits made, and total sum for the downline (Network Tab).

Ciclex: Personal account

At the Staking tab, information on the recently opened Staking accounts of your downline  can be viewed.

Ciclex: Personal account

Email of the partner who made the deposit.

Referral Bonus – amount of the referral bonus received for having this partner join.

Currency – in which currency the account was opened.

Amount – gross deposit

Days – time remaining until expiration of your partners investment

All profit percent – partners %income from the date investment is first made

10 day profit – partners % profit for the last 10 days

Deposit payment – amount invested net of commission

Partners payment fee – amount of commission paid by the partner

Auto reinvest – is auto reinvest option selected

Status – the state deposit is in

Created – date and time when account was opened.


Once the option Trade is selected, CICLEX Exchange is displayed.

At the top left corner a trading pair of cryptocurrency can be selected. At the same time, right next to the pair real time price is displayed. A change in price in the last 24 hours can be seen, lowest and highest price as it relates to the currency and total sum of all trades for this particular currency.

In the middle of a page a graph is displayed. The graph is showing the price relationship between the selected trading pairs.

Order book – open trades for buy/sell on the market.


Limit – creating an order at your own price

Market – executing an order at the market price

SLTP – limit order set up

History – last trades executed at the market

Поле для создания сделок на бирже

Open orders – still opened, not yet completed orders.

Trade History – history of your trades on the exchange. You can see date and time of the transaction, trading pair, at what price trade was executed, and the state the transaction is in.

 Trade Histiory

At the Funds tab, a list of currency and quantity available for trades at the exchange is displayed.


Transfer History

In this section you can view the movement of funds on CICLEX platform.

Ciclex: Personal account

Main – displayed addition/withdrawal of funds from CICLEX Wallet

A date transaction took place is displayed here, type of currency, quantity, amount of commissions paid, type of the transaction (deposits/withdrawal). Stage of  transaction (complete/incomplete). Hash of the transaction to confirm the transaction on the Blockchain. Until the transaction shows Pending you can cancel it by selecting Cancel shown on the right.

Ciclex: Personal account

Staking tab shows information as it relates to the function of Staking. History of staking accounts is displayed here. Transfer between Staked Balance and CICLEX Wallet, withdrawal from Profit Balance to CICLEX Wallet or Staked Balance. Bonuses for reaching out the next position in the company.


Profit&Bonus Tab – displays information about profit, referral bonuses, and how much currency is applied to volume of your organization.


Section where open orders on exchange can be viewed. History of your transactions is also displayed.

Ciclex: Personal account


In the Statistics section you can see the analysis of all open Staking accounts. In order to view the details of this section press button Show Tutorial.



In this section, you can view  information about your account on CICLEX platform.

A picture can be inserted here, country of residence is selected here, KYC verify your account, activate 2FA, see your referral link, activate Telegram-bot in order to get information on daily profit transactions, see login history.


Dear Ciclex customers.

At this stage, the process of restoring access to servers that were affected during the emergency in Kazakhstan is underway.

We apologize for the inconvenience!