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Key Benefits of Ciclex Web Wallet

The Ciclex cryptocurrency wallet is an integral part of cryptocurrency use and is one of the main infrastructure elements that allow you to receive and send funds through the blockchain network.


The wallet interface is intuitive and easy to use


The development team designed the Ciclex cryptocurrency wallet using the latest technologies


Keeping your funds safe is Ciclex's № 1 priority

Ciclex web wallet - an essential tool for working with cryptocurrencies

To store and conduct various operations with cryptocurrency, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet.

Ciclex provides its customers with a tool for reliable storage. Without a secure crypto wallet, it is impossible to accumulate or use digital assets, as they have no tangible expression other than on the Blockchain network.

The Ciclex web wallet offers clients convenient access to the blockchain. Actions are carried out through the browser interface, which does not require the installation of third-party software on the computer. By creating such a wallet, you set a personal password for access. For security purposes, it is not recommended to disclose this password to third parties. Crypto web  wallets are very popular and facilitate myriad transactions, both large and small, across the crypto world.

The universal Ciclex web wallet has an intuitive interface that allows high-speed transactions and the exchange of cryptocurrencies within the same digital account. This wallet supports popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), OmiseGo (OMG), and Tether (USDT). This list is updated and expanded periodically with top cryptocurrencies.

High levels of privacy, security, and anonymity are Ciclex's top priorities. You can have peace of mind about the safety of your virtual coins, manage your digital currencies, and exchange, buy,  and sell them profitably. Clients control transactions and balances for all available cryptocurrencies in their individual wallets.

A team of experienced developers is hard at work improving the Ciclex web wallet. We’ve  added new features that reflect the latest technologies and trends like two-factor authentication, anti-phishing, and complex captcha. Our developers are also creating an application for smartphones that will make it even more convenient to use the cryptocurrency wallet. This serious systematic approach inspires confidence among Ciclex customers, who value data level security and confidentiality. We also provide clients with a platform for technical support of the crypto web wallets. When you register on the Ciclex website, your cryptocurrencies will be immediately stored in a secure wallet.