About the Ciclex,
company's history



Start of the activity from 2016 - trading robots sale


Opening of the closed stock from 2018 to Q1 of 2020


Rebranding and public launch of the Ciclex site in Q2 2020

Ciclex is a unique crypto platform for your digital assets.

Ciclex is an innovative multi-platform for earning and storing cryptocurrencies. Inspired by the rapid development and spread of cryptocurrency, experienced professionals in the fields of development, trading, and project management came together to create this unique platform. Ciclex is a wallet for storing cryptocurrencies, an exchange core, and a modern financial instrument for investing in a staking pool that allows clients to earn a decent passive income.

The Ciclex crypto platform has created its stabilization pool to ensure the safety of trading and staking. It receives more than 25% of the company’s income. But since its inception, there have only been a few times when it was necessary to use its funds. This indicates the stability of the Ciclex platform. We are committed to the ongoing development and updating of the platform through the tireless work of our team of traders, analysts, and developers. Their professionalism and commitment to the improvement and expansion of the cryptocurrency platform is always evident.

About company

Ciclex is a relatively young company that has enjoyed much success with the development of our crypto platform. We are well-established in our niche in the cryptocurrency field. The secret of the project’s success lies in the fact that truly passionate people are involved in every facet of operations. Since 2016, the development team has created trading robots which are used on cryptocurrency exchanges. In 2018, Ciclex created a crypto fund and had more than 1,500 eager and satisfied clients. Developers continued to design innovative trading robots that make trading smooth and secure.

In 2019, Ciclex took the plunge and launched its secure crypto wallet. That same year, the developers successfully expanded an engine for one of the top international crypto exchanges. The number of Ciclex clients grew to 5,000 and generated $3 million USD that was now under management.

The following year – 2020 – turned out to be even more productive. The year was marked by the launch of Ciclex’s exchange core. Our clients more than doubled in number to 11,000, with over $10 million USD under management. All these indicators point to an uptick in the pace of our company’s development. We expect that upward trajectory to continue unbounded due to the systematic implementation of our far-reaching plans and prospects.